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Monday, November 30, 2015


Welcome to National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry, Inc. -
Welcome to National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry, Inc.

Incarceration is Hard on a Marriage

Any married inmate or their spouse can tell you that.   If you are one of these couples, and youíre serious about staying together and strengthening your marriage, National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry can help. It is our hope to provide meaningful support while you are suffering the stress of incarceration.


  1. THIS WEB SITE: offers short segments of the Marriage Encounter program, plus support materials which enable couples to discover Godís vision of marriage, thereby leading them to a clearer understanding of their relationship with each other and with God.   For more information:   Help PagesMarriage EncounterHelp Each Other  and  Going Home

  1. BOOK OFFER:   T.I.M.E. By Mail (The Inmates Marriage Encounter by Mail). The complete Marriage Encounter experience is in book form with presentations that were given by inmates and their spouses at a Marriage Encounter program in their institution.   For more about the book and ordering information:   Book Offer
  1. MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER PROGRAMS FOR CHAPLAINS: Marriage Encounter (2-day program), Celebrate Marriage (one-day program), and Oasis (for inmates only), are available programs.   Anyone can bring awareness of our programs to the attention of a prison chaplain, but programs can only be scheduled by chaplains or other prison staff who can then sponsor and coordinate the program.   For more information:   Programs for Chaplains
About NMEPM:

Several married couples in Cincinnati, OH, who experienced the benefits of the popular Marriage Encounter program on the outside, responded to the appeal of a chaplain at a federal prison in Lexington, KY to help married inmates who wanted desperately to save their marriages.   As a result, in 1981, the first Marriage Encounter was presented in a prison and National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry, Inc. was formed as a non-profit organization.   Since then, our all volunteer group has presented several hundred Marriage Encounter programs in over 50 state and federal prisons throughout the U.S.

Couples helping couples Ė thatís how Marriage Encounter works.   In our ministry to married couples affected by incarceration, we use the basic principles of the highly successful Marriage Encounter program, created by Fr. Gabriel Calvo (attended by well over one million couples worldwide), and we added the first hand, lived experiences of inmates and their spouses to our materials.

Wanting to help more couples, NMEPM published a book called T.I.M.E. By Mail to provide the Marriage Encounter program by mail for those couples who cannot attend a program together at their institution.   We have since created this web site to reach still more couples.

The members of NMEPM serve you in love, giving joyfully and freely of our time and God-given talents. We encourage you to explore the pages here in this web site.   Take advantage of our great book offer.   We sincerely hope and pray that they will be a source of hope, help and encouragement for you and your spouse.   Let us help you, and at some point we hope you will help others.   Then the spirit of   couples helping couples   will continue. May God be with you in this endeavor.

Weíre updating our site with new materials, but please feel free to contact us via Contact

Welcome to National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry, Inc. -